Karga-jasotzaile ibilgailu automatikoa

Karga-jasotzaile ibilgailu automatikoa

Grado en Ingeniería Mecánica, 3º curso

Descripción del proyecto

"In the last few years, great progress has been made in the transport industry. The evolution of electric and hybrid motors, and the special requirements of some types of load (for being dangerous, fragile, extremely large or heavy…) have boosted an evolution towards the solution of these problems.

We can find a common example in garbage trucks. The development of technology, together with increasing environmental awareness, have led to the development of different methods of waste collection. The existing options have advantages (operator safety, speed, low energy consumption…) but also disadvantages (loud noise, need of more than one operator, large work surface…); therefore, nowadays work continues to achieve a waste collection and transport that is safe, fast, silent and economically viable."


  • Arizmendiarrieta Marina, Asier
  • Arriaran Garcia-Ariño, Jon
  • Barbeito Albizu, Asier
  • Etxezarreta Irizar, Jon
  • Kortabarria Etxeberria, Iñaki