Caring safely

Caring safely

Ingeniaritza Mekaniko Gradua, 3. maila

Proiektuaren deskribapena

"Domotics-R-Us is a technological company dedicated to the development and implementation of domotics for smart houses, with an important social mission. The global health and economic crisis has made them think about new products and services they could offer to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals and, at the same time, increase their competitive edge. After considering several options, they want to develop a safe delivery system to transport food or medical supplies to an isolated person, thereby reducing contagion risk, both in hospitals and regular houses. There are already some options commercially available that partially respond to their requirements, however none of these fulfil the characteristics Domotics-R-Us has identified as imperative. They want to ensure that the content is protected during transportation; that the transportation system is compact and ergonomic (to be used in a house or in a hospital), and that it can be either autonomous or remotely controlled, depending on the needs. Finally, this system must be environmentally friendly, taking into account energy consumption and noise pollution."

Parte hartzaileak:

  • Iker Aizpurua Olaizola
  • Imanol Diaz Madina
  • Ainhoa Elorriaga Bidaurratzaga
  • Imanol Iribar Rodriguez
  • Mattin Maiztegui Iparragirre
  • Aitor Urcelay Zabaleta