Mocca: innovative and environmentally friendly heating system

Mocca: innovative and environmentally friendly heating system.

Industria Diseinuko eta Produktu Garapeneko Ingeniaritzan gradua, 3. maila

Proiektuaren deskribapena

"The objetive of the project is to DESIGN AN INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT THAT RESPONDS TO ONE OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy). To reach this objective it has been followed the DBZ - MU design methodology, using the first 4 phases. Strategic search, where we will identify a new opportunity within the market in order to create our product; having to apply the methodology of user-centered design, in the exploration it is necessary to define both our target user and carry out a market analysis until we define our Brief; ideation, using different creativity tools, we will carry out various concepts where the added value of each one will be represented in a visual way; development, design in detail the selected concept specifying all its characteristics.

The designed product is Mocca; a portable and an innovative pellet stove concept for the exterior of bars/cafes, which provides to customers an interactive and cozy experience such as, well-being to people by generating heat through biomass energy. It belongs to an initiative focused on boosting the use of renewable and clean energies, where the large generation of coffee grounds waste is used to create a sustainable fuels such as coffee pellets. In this way, it promotes a circular economy where coffee bars can contribute to the collection of coffee waste and then make use of the coffee pellets."

Parte hartzaileak:

  • Malen Deniz
  • Oihane Lakuntza
  • Maria Manero
  • Paula Iglesias
  • Maitane Urkiola