Redesign of IKEA´s supply chain

Redesign of IKEA´s supply chain

Industria Antolakuntzako Ingeniaritza gradua, 3. maila

Proiektuaren deskribapena

"This project aims to advise Ikea Spain on the company’s supply chain so that it can gain a competitive advantage. The main objectives are related to:

  • Analysing the financial and international trade issues
  • Selecting the distribution warehouse location and defining it.
  • Analysing and improving the initial warehouse proposal using simulation tools.
  • Explore how to use Power BI to meet IKEAs Business Intelligence (BI) needs.

All these objectives must be achieved through a project, managed with a hybrid approach based on Scrum.."

Parte hartzaileak:

  • Javier Amondarain
  • Eneko Artetxe
  • Lander Cuellar
  • Mikel Irazusta Aristi
  • Ander Uranga